I have a photo in January 2015's Yoga Journal.

I also took all the pictures in this article. It's an interview with my boss for a health and fitness blog. Enjoy!

Here's a cool music video I shot for my friends band, Bad Bruno. We had lots of fun running around this abandoned warehouse and asking our friends to take a beating.

It was all shot using a Canon T3i and I finally got to use my Go Pro 3 clipped to some of the instruments. It was all edited by the singer and my buddy Freddy Tapia.

It turned out better than expected, and I hope I can make a lot more like it.  
OK, so I didn't crawl under a rock and die. I have however been working as the in house photographer over at NUX USA, they (we) are a women's athletic apparel company that manufactures all their goods in Los Angeles, USA.

I've shot about 99% of whats on their site but here are some cool photos of some things I really enjoyed shooting.

I've also been shooting a lot more video recently and should have more of that to upload soon.

This year it looks like I'll shoot the occasional family event: wedding, quinceaneras and so forth but I want to build up my resume with portrait, studio shoots and much more video.

Just want to thanks Endi and Rosie for letting me capture their special day. I had a blast. When your in the car headed to take  the big reveal photos of the bride and groom and talking about your favorite Kids in the Hall sketches with the bride, you know it's going to be a fun wedding. Thanks again!
Fun night of rock n roll, Id like to say a few things about band's set up time, professionalism for shows with an admission price and respect for the bands that come on after you, but Ill let it be. Went to see the Black Mambas play, they delivered as always.
Here are a few photos I shot of Los Angeles' punk-ska- rock band Nino Zombi for their press and media materials.
Here are some photos from my latest quinceanera portrait session done at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA.
This was a fun night, despite having a PRESS wristband I shot from the audience pit because I'm a fan. It was the "Night of the Living Photographers" on stage, Hanni was surrounded by several marauding shutterbugs, so I decided to incorporate them as much as possible in the photos. Taking photos of them, and using their flash to light my photos with a slow shutter speed. This turned out to be more fun and creative than trying to freeze action with a fast lens and high ISOs. !!!GREAT SHOW HANNI!!!
Here are a few photos I took for my latest engagement shoot, it was a lot work walking around finding locations that worked and we're not deemed off limits by security. But it was a lot of fun and cool challenge to sneak in the shots we wanted around the security telling us not to shoot :) Its easier to ask for forgiveness then to ask permission. 
Here are a few shots i recently did with Los Angeles punk band Liquor N Poker. To see larger images, right click and open in new window on the